A SplashPass pays for itself in just TWO WASHES!

Plus, you get to benefit of breezing through our quick lane with your Membership RFID window sticker when you join. Just drive up to the stall and the gate will open automatically for you—it is that easy. Click your preferred membership option to the left to pay now and pick up your RFID tag on your next visit!

*Additional cars must be registered to the same household address as the original SplashPass card holder to qualify.

If you would like to cancel your membership, please see a manager at our location.

**Splash2o is the ONLY car wash in Virginia to feature Salt Shield ®!

Every Splash2o Protect wash features our exclusive Salt Shield® protectant. Did you know that your car is exposed to road salts all year long? With Salt Shield®, not only will your vehicle be safe from the harsh conditions of the winter roads, but even the exposure your car endures from our salty sea air!

So soak up the sun and let the sand get between your toes—we’ll prevent it from from further damaging your car!


Next time you are at Splash2o Express Car Wash, upgrade your experience with Salt Shield ®!


Nationwide, over two million TONS of road salt are used each winter?††

†† University of Minnesota Water Resources Center


To help them stick to surfaces better, road salts are commonly mixed with sugar beet juice or veggie oils. While it might make driving conditions better, it makes your car dirtier.


Independent lab studies keep proving that Salt Shield ® is better at removing road salts more thoroughly than typical detergents.


Your car is exposed to road salt ALL YEAR LONG! It’s not just winter road salts, but chemicals found in dust control on dirt roads & construction sites and even our salty beach air all produce salt that can damage your vehicle over time.

Need to decide on a SplashPass later? We got you covered.

Click the PrePay button on your preferred car wash below or use our convenient mobile SplashApp to purchase on-the-go and receive the benefits of our loyalty program!

Upgrade your wash with any of these add-ons!

Buff & Shine

Add $3

Tire Shine

Add $3

Salt Shield

Add $3

Splash2o WashNOW! App

Whether you own a SplashPass or you’re purchasing your washes on-the-go, downloading the Splash2o WashNOW! App will unlock ALL the benefits at Splash2o Express Car Wash! Through our WashNOW! App loyalty program, earn great benefits like:

  • Discounted Washes
  • Free Washes
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Swag

SplashPass Members can earn EVEN MORE benefits like:

  • Discounted membership
  • A FREE month
  • FREE Upgrades

Like those SplashPass benefits?
You can even sign-up your SplashPass through the app. Download now!

    1. After downloading the WashNOW app, search for Splash2o by City & State or just scan the QR code below within the app and we’ll take you directly there!
    2. Next, login to your existing account or create a new one.
    3. Verify your email and get to splashin’!
Splash2o WashNOW App QR

Scan this QR code within the WashNOW app to find Splash2o Express Car Wash.

Scan to download WashNOW app for Android.

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Available for Android and iPhone.

Splash Pass Club Membership Terms & Conditions

Splash Pass Club provides car washes in each month membership is renewed. I authorize Splash2o Express Car Wash to charge my credit card every month on the enrollment date for the selected Splash Pass Club plan. Associates may require matching ID to credit card swiped in order to protect customers & reduce unauthorized use of third party cards.

Members may upgrade to a higher wash and pay the difference at the time of wash.

Only the car registered at time of enrollment is eligible for the program and must have a Splash2o RFID tag affixed to the vehicle. Damaged tags should be reported to Splash2o immediately. Any attempt to remove the tag will destroy the tag and keep it from operating. The member will be charged for tag replacement. Member must notify Spash2o of any change in vehicle ownership.

By enrolling in the Splash Pass Club program I agree that the credit card provided can be charged $19.95 per month for Splash Pass Clean or $39.95 per month for the Splash Pass Protect. Additional vehicles with same household address may be registered under the plans and will be billed at $16.95 a month for the Splash Pass Clean and $34.95 per month for the Splash Pass Protect. If at any time the primary vehicle’s Club membership is terminated, the lower priced Additional Vehicle membership will be adjusted to the Primary Vehicle and billed at the non-discounted rate.

I also agree that I waive any and all right to withhold or delay payment of the related credit card charges, whether described in my agreement with the credit card issuer or otherwise.

I understand that circumstances may affect the availability of services, including equipment failure or inclement weather.

Splash Pass Club not available for commercial and fleet vehicles.

Membership can be cancelled at any time. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods.

Spash2o reserves the right to cancel, amend or change the program from time to time as necessary.

Splash Pass Club plans cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.